Lifespring Drill Hall Project

Drill Hall Project

Repair, Rebuild, Restore

We’ve got a vision to see the Drill Hall transformed into a vibrant place of life, where all people from across Horsham can find connection, community, support and a sense of family.

To achieve this, we’re undertaking this project to repair, rebuild and restore the Drill Hall and we need every person to play their part.

“It starts with one”

We believe it starts with one person's gift, one family's commitment, or one business's investment to make a significant difference. Everybody coming together to lay their “one brick” is what’s going to bring this building back to life.

When you give, you are not only supporting the physical construction of a new church building where people can come together to worship, learn, and connect with one another, but you are contributing to the building of a community hub, that will impact Horsham. You are helping to provide a place where young people can find purpose, parents supported and encouraged, the lonely to find friendship and family, local musicians and artists celebrated, a place of life for the whole community.

Your generosity can help bring people together, create opportunities for growth and development and leave a lasting legacy that benefits generations to come.


Account Name: Lifespring

Sort Code: 40-24-33

Account Number: 51559230

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Whether you want to give as a one off gift or set up a monthly gift via standing order please use the details above.

Boost your donation by 25% through Gift Aid. Let us know via our declaration form immediately below.

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If you'd like to contribute via card payment click 'Give online'. (please note, bank transfers are preferred as we incur a fee for card payments.)

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